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             Welcome to Spikeyhairs!
photo by Larry Randa

My name is Paul Richards, and I want to introduce you to Spikeyhairs!  Spikeyhairs is a small, family owned business based upon the Spikeyhair characters created by my grandson, Tyler, who lives with a mild form of Autism.  At eight years old, Tyler is an active and happy third-grader who loves computers, electronics, drawing, and making art projects.  Starting around age five, Tyler began drawing a series of characters he called Spikeyhairs.  I believe the inspiration came from his father, who sometimes wears his hair spiked up in a Mohawk. 

Tyler posted several of his Spikeyhairs on the walls of our house, and he loved to show them to people.  That gave me the idea that maybe he could share his Spikeyhairs with the world.  Tyler is very caring and generous, and is always eager to donate toys he no longer plays with and clothes he can no longer wear to other children who can use them.  It is this quality in him that made me realize the only way to share his Spikeyhairs with the world is by sharing with others the rewards he receives.

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